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The gang on stage in 1955...

Thought I'd share a recent find on YouTube, that should interest some folks here. In 1955, Frank Sinatra took a busload of his friends to a Judy Garland concert - Bogart, Bacall, Sammy, Dino and a few others. Sort of the old and the new Rat Packs, in a way. They all wound up on stage together at the end of the concert, and here's what happened:



It's quite clear that they don't entirely know what to do with themselves at first! Then Dino starts clowning around, Sammy joins in, and before you know it the pair of them are doing a take on the Martin & Lewis act, which was then of course still underway. Well worth a listen. Whether or not this is the first recording of Frank, Dino and Sammy together on stage I don't know, but it's certainly the earliest that I've heard.

Thank goodness for handy people with tape recorders! ;)
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