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Welcome to Gilly's West! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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[01 Feb 2006|10:42am]
[ mood | awake ]

NAME: Lisa

AGE / BIRTHDAY: 26…. Omguh yes I’m 26. I’m stopping the whole birthday thing at 27 though. May 11, 1979 is my bday.

HOW YOU CAME TO FIND THIS COMMUNITY: Saw it pimped on various other Frank sites.

HOW YOU CAME TO LISTEN TO THE RAT PACK OR THE INDIVIDUAL SINGERS: I fell in love with Frank in Guys and Dolls and it’s been a rollercoaster from there. I love Dean and Sammy too.

YOUR FAVORITE FRANK SINATRA SONG(S): Okay, one of my many Frank CD’s is the younger years one. It has him singing ‘Old Man River’ His vocal range is amazing. I mean when he hits that first really low note I get chills everytime. Hmmm I also love ‘Under My Skin’ and… gosh it’s hard to pick out just a few!

YOUR FAVORITE DEAN MARTIN SONG(S): Dean, I love pretty much everything he sings too. But I have to say that ‘Volare’ is one of my favs. And I like ‘In the Misty Moonlight.’

YOUR FAVORITE SAMMY DAVIS, JR SONG(S): I like ‘What Kind of Fool Am I’. He just sings it so well. And ‘The Candy Man’

FAVORITE VEGAS MEMORY: I stayed in the ‘New York New York’ last time I was there. I speant a better part of my time there trying to find the old Sands sign. I then found out that there was a sign graveyard museum type thing and that it was there. Never made it though. But I’m going again this summer and I have made my husband promise to take me there!

ANY COMMENTS TO HELP ME IMPROVE THIS COMMUNITY: Frank or any of the rat pack needs no improvement. J Great community!

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