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Here's some fun trivia for ya.... [03 Feb 2006|12:26am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Did you know...

That on this day, February 3, in 1959, a plane crash killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper? This date is now known as "The Day The Music Died"... American Pie, much?

But on some more topical news...

February 3, 1955 - Frank Sinatra performs a 20th Anniversary Show at the Manhattan Center in New York City... The set list looked like this...

Martin Block introduces Tommy Dorsey

Tommy Dorsey introduces Frank Sinatra

I'll Never Smile Again

Oh Look At Me Now

This Love of Mine

Fast Forward about 25 years, to February 3, 1980, and Frank performed with Dean Martin at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California to support a Ronald Reagan fundraiser!

Then on this date in 1982, Frank performed solo at The Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan. A year later in 1983 (the year I was born), Frank started a week long stint at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today, back in 1963, Bobby Darin appeared as himself on an episode of The Jerry Lester Show. Not quite sure what that show is, but oh well... and I know he's not a Rat Packer, but he's of the era, so it makes it all ok!

But most importantly.........


Born on February 3, 1918, the ONLY SURVIVING RAT PACK MEMBER turns 88 today! So Happy Birthday!! Now everyone go watch Ocean's 11 in his honor!
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Not quite OLD Vegas, but it has an older tie... [03 Feb 2006|05:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

The old San Remo hotel opened in 1989 was located off the Strip about a half a block on Tropicana Avenue.. It was a smaller place... Not as old as I thought, but still a ways back... They closed and went through a massive remodel. As of 9 PM on February 2, 2005, they opened for the first time as the Hooters Hotel and Casino.

Here's pictures of the new $1 and $5 chips. If you'd rather not see posts like these (or chip pictures) in the future, let me know and I'll stop em. I appreciate the feedback!

Chips behind the cutCollapse )

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Tropicana in Las Vegas [03 Feb 2006|06:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Well folks... Some bad news Vegas way... The Tropicana (Or the Trop, as it's affectionately called) opened on April 4, 1957 as the 12th hotel on The Strip with 300 rooms. Back in 1962, they added another 116 room wing thich extended out around the pool and garden area. The familiar tower which stands now wasn't added until 1979 and was referred to as The Tiffany Tower (now called the Paradise Tower).

Last month employees received notice of termination and will be laid off effective Mid April. One of the 4 oldest Strip hotels still standing is being slated for demolition. It looks like they're going to be tearing or imploding The Trop to make way for a newer, more modern hotel casino complex, but are unsure on which direction to go in. It could be made into a hotel/condo complex which are springing up everywhere, a higher end hotel/casino for high rollers, or they're leaning toward a middle class hotel/casino complex which would welcome visitors of all income brackets. No word yet on if it will still be called The Tropicana or if the name will change.

A little trivia for you... Rock Hudson plays his very last movie role before death in the TV movie The Vegas Casino Wars, a story which features Hudson playing a casino owner who is being ousted from his endeavours from The Desert Inn, so he buys The Tropicana and begins a rivalry between The Trop and Wilbur Clark's old stomping ground. Featuring some great views of casino life back in the day, a lot of interior and exterior shots filmed in both hotels.

Here's some old shots of The Trop from vintage postcard views...Collapse )

Rest In Peace Tropicana... You will be missed...

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