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Sammy's CD! [03 Nov 2006|12:39pm]
I made a trip to Best Buy last night and of course I had to check out the CD section to see if there was anything new from The Rat Pack! THERE WAS! I don't know exactly what month this was released but the Sammy Davis, Jr THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION was released this year! I really admire Sammy for everything he's done and been through, I can't really decide between him and Sinatra as my favorite member of the Rat Pack, although I think Sammy has the best and sweetest voice out of the three. The booklet of the CD has a mini biography and several nice pictures, so does the entire CD case! I especially love Sammy's rendition of 'That Old Black Magic' and it's been stuck in my head FOREVER. I have the Ee-o-11 CD as well and I find that I like the version of 'Too Close for Comfort' on this newer CD better.

Song List for Sammy's Definitive CollectionCollapse )

I also picked up the 2006 release of the Deluxe Edition of 'Guys and Doll's which came with a mini-book filled with summaries, cast bios, articles, pictures, newspaper clippings and signs about the movie when it first came out! Very nice, it's great to go back to that day and age ^_^

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