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Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Rat Pack and Classic Las Vegas history
Well, here it is... I know there's already some groups out there devoted to Frank Sinatra, Dino, Sammy, and the clan, but not too many collectively as The Rat Pack. And that is why I am here - to provide an outlet to discuss and learn about The Rat Pack, or The Summitt as Frank liked to call it. I've also been focusing a lot of time on Classic Las Vegas, giving a history in words and photographs of some of the joints that set the stage for what you see. So please bear with me while I get some things on here... I hope it'll be a fun trip down memory lane for anyone that was around to see these cats tear up the town, or even those that went to Vegas years ago and can remember a time when you had an actual KEY to get in your room, where the mob played a quiet part, when ashtrays actually had the name of the hotel on them... This is for all those who remember, are starting to forget, and those that always wondered what life was like, how these boys lived it, and if it could ever get any better than a Night at the Sands when Frank, Dean and Sammy were tearing up the joint!

So PLEASE, join, watch, do as you will... Post some memories, post how you found us, post pictures, post different things that you might be interested in selling or collecting. I, myself, am a collector of casino chips and old Vegas memoribilia, and can point you in some good directions if you're so inclined. Feel free to make this your community.

Also, for the courtesy of those who read this journal, if you post too many images or a bulk amount of icons, banners or the like, please post them behind an LJ cut... I don't want people yelling at me telling me their friends page is nothing but pictures of Frank and the boys. For some reason, some people don't appreciate it.. I can't imagine why!

Also of note... the background image in the journal is courtesy of druinsanity. Be sure and send her thanks!



Frank Sinatra is Love


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